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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  August 30, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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moments away on "good morning washington" -- and more expensive ride to work and school for thousands of metro passengers. get ready for the peak-of-the- peak fares if this morning just- in-time for the morning rush. good morning, washington. it is 4:30 on this monday morning, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we are glad to have you along for this 4:30 edition. adam caskey first. sali the forecast? >> i was still trying to get ready this morning in the weather center. welcome again. outside we have clear skies.
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it is not very humid, but it is going to be a holiday in the mid-90s. 95 this afternoon. it is 74 at reagan national, 66 at dulles airport and gaithersburg, 64 in stafford. tomorrow, sunshine, mid 90's. mid 90's for most of the workweek. a lot of overnight construction. on the beltway at gallows road. your losing the two left lanes in both directions. and on the the luge between 7 and 67 they all working. all totaled at branch avenue, exit number 7, construction blocking one lane. there was a minor crash on the springfield side of town on the shoulder. southbound at democracy boulevard, headlights on the way to 495, moving nicely.
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back to you. >> thank you. checking our top stories on this monday, the search will resume today for a man missing in ocean city. 21-year-old delgado jumped into the ocean with some friends. there were no lifeguards. the crews were able to rescue his friends. summer vacation is over for thousands of students in montgomery county. this will be the final first day of school for the superintendent. he will retire at the end of the school year. the maryland public service commission will another hearing on pepco's reliability this evening. the facility has been under fire for its handling of power outages after storms. the hearings begin at 6:00 tonight of the montgomery county council building in rockville.
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the atlantic's hurricane season is in full swing. danielle is moving up the east coast. earl has strengthened into a category 2 storm as it moves near the eastern caribbean. there are iwarnings issued for some of the caribbean islands. metro riders will be digging deeper. >> beginning today the peak-of- the-peak surcharge is in affect. courtney robinson is live in arlington with what to expect. >> good morning. in about three hours those riding metro during the morning rush hour will pay 20 cents more for the morning commute. it is part of the fare hike approved by the transit agency earlier this year. if you take metro between 7:30 9:00, it will cost you an
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extra 20 cents, on the peak-of- the-peak surcharge. earlier this month they implemented the afternoon peak surcharge for commuters write-in between 4:30 and 6:00 in the evening. those passengers say it is already hitting them in their pockets. some are federal and and others are putting off wooded because madrassa is the idea is to generate revenue and alleviate conccongested. you can save a quarter if you are using a smartrip cards. later this month we will see the smartrip cards go from to $2.50 -- going from $5 down to $2.50. a man broke into a woman's georgetown home and sexually assaulted her on the weekend. now the latest on investigations
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into a korff. >> a district neighborhoods north of georgetown university hospital is on alert after d.c. police say that a man broken to calm and sexually assaulting a female president. >> i have lived here 11 years and it is a very safe neighborhoods so this is disturbing. >> it happened sunday morning around 7:30 along the 3800 block of f st. nw. the victim is a young woman but not a georgetown student. ulocal while being insulted and screamed. that caused the attacker to flee. this longtime resident has comments. >> i will be scared to death. but they're investigating a sexualof unsolved said juli assaults in the georgetown area. they say that the description is too vague to notice the case is
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isolated. >> it is of great concern, but this is a safe and great neighborhood. that is the message we want to get alex. out. get >> authorities are putting additional resources into the northwest washington neighborhood in an effort to get the suspect. jay korff reporting. u.s. airways wants to know why flames shot from the engine of one of its airplanes saturday night. was landing at reagan national and the pilot declared an emergency during the landing. fire house alto and the plane landed. no one was hurt. it was coming from north carolina. new details from the serial stabbing investigation. there's a report that police did not find a murder weapon inside elias abuelazam's vehicle and it was seized in michigan. prosecutors will not discuss what evidence they have collected. classes begin today at the
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university of maryland. the school year is getting off to a violent start. early yesterday morning five young men beat and robbed three students at a campus bus stops. the man got away. two days earlier, three young men attacked three female students near the 7-eleven store. police arrested two suspects in that case and they have a warning for students. >> we are asking them to remain alert of their surroundings and to travel together in groups and be mindful that school is back in session and there are people alistair that will take this as an opportunity for crime. >> students say the attacks have them on edge. 71 degrees on as early monday morning. an uphill battle for d.c.'s incumbent mayor. a new poll has some adrian ty supporters nervous.
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the emmy goes to -- >> we will highlights of the big winners from last night's emmy awards. another check
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4 cropp 40 a.m. on this
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monday -- 4:30 a.m. >> 65 degrees at takoma park right now. dew points in the 60's. there is some humidity, but it is not aggressive. as we go into the afternoon, there will be dew points in low 60's. 68 degrees in leesburg. a few degrees warmer in the district at 75. let's look at category two hurricane earl. we will in a state in 20 minutes, but this is the latest. it should go north and then towards the east coast. this is a cone of uncertainty from cape hatteras to the west of bermuda.
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this is the big question in our extended forecast. day's look at a seven- forecast. mid 90's today with a total sunshine. sunshine all week. thursday into friday's when we need to keep an eye on it. temperatures into the weekend back down to low 80's. now to lisa baden. outer loop at gallows road, a construction is gone. let's look at pictures. around the beltway is great at route 1 and college park. look at the volume, in our favor. no major disruption. heading and around the beltway and beyond. 270 at father hurley boulevard on the screen. back to you. >> thank you. we were discussing how great
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your hair looks. >> thank you. monday morning, 71 degrees. >> the vacation is over. president obama gets back to work and with a special trip to new orleans. >> the race for d.c. mayor heads down the final stretch
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>> a welcome back.
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4:45 on this monday. we turn to the race for mayor. a surprising poll just hours before early voting is set to begin. it shows mayor adrian fenty up to 17 points behind vincent gray. the incumbent is calling himself the underdog. >> the mayor was all smiles on sunday. he admits his reelection campaign may be in trouble. >> if you are the underdog, like we are, and we believe that will give a challenge. >> d.c. council chairman vincent gray, his poll numbers on the rise. >> very encouraging. >> a new poll shows him leading adrian fenty among democratic voters. a margin of error of four points. >> a lot of d.c. residents are fed up with mayor fenty's attitude and sarcasm.
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>> he is not doing anything for us. he is making the neighborhoods safer, but where are the jobs? >> i think people trust me. i am someone who will have the interest of everyone in the city. >> he has tried to take tough political positions and that is hurting and right now. >> we have to produce results, but along the way there has to be a communication and a connection with residents. >> these numbers, at a tough time for the administration. the primary is just 16 days away. really voting begins on monday. all disinformation's fresh on voters' minds -- all of the information. president obama returned to
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washington after a trip to new orleans. they went to new orleans to mark the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. to have lunch at a restaurant that was under intensive water after the storm. he praised the city's resurgence and resilience and he said there is much more work that still needs to be done. >> still too many people not able to find work and still too many in norman's presidents that have not been able to come back,. >> officials in the region say we still need more from mr. obama, mainly more money. >> that the restaurant was under 10 feet of water, good to see that opening to the public. >> that is nice.
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71 degrees outside on this monday morning. >> coming up, a working woman making a markell of graphic design. >> big victories for some freshmen. we will look at some folks shining. >>
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back to good morning
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washington. meteorologist adam caskey. getting ready for a hot week ahead. high temperatures in the mid-90s pretty much all week except for thursday and friday. we will see little debt and the temperature is towards the end of the weak because there's uncertainty as to whether hurricane earl will go. that is something we will keep an eye on. keep a close eye on that. right now temperatures are around 70. 75 downtown. 66 in martinsburg and hagerstown. in culpeper, 67. let's look at the almanac data. 92 degrees on sunday with a lot of sunshine. yesterday was the 65th 90-degree day in washington. at the end of week this summer will be in second place for the
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number of 90-degree days in the summer. we will be able to do that by the end of this week. 95 today, sunni, not too humid this afternoon -- sunny. no problems right now. there are clearing construction of 95 at quantico. that should be gone by the time you get there. good news. nothing on laforce or route 5 or toole hundred 28 or 210. -- nothing on 228 or 210. there's roadwork on inner loop of the beltway at gallows road. the 1960's-era mad men has
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won its third consecutive emmy award. modern family was named best comedy. breaking bad won best drama. jim parsons and edie falco won best actor and best actress. >> plenty of viewers for "mad men." >> it is hilarious. >> 72 degrees on this monday. >> a business owner making it worked in spite of tough economic times. >> first, ben roethlisberger herger back on the field. >> first, ben roethlisberger herger back on the field.
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down the sideline. won broncos, ben roethlisberger reichewants o reduce his six-game suspension down to four, stephen strasburg is out for half of 2011.
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livan hernandez has been signed to a 10-year contract. he is 9 and 9. hard to find a small business growing and hiring new employees, but a local graphic design company is. co-owner is andi woman. >> per creative graphic design work that begins with a pencil and not a computer has earned her company topple lords. >> it is the drive to always do better than yesterday. >> she endured husband jake met after working at a large graphic design firm and an 2003 de decided to strike out on their own.
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they now have 10 designers and recently won an award. she describes their work as modern and simple. the goal is to please the eye and activate the mind. >> i always challenge myself and my team to do better and more creative work. people less, i balance work and life. i blend them together and make them fun. >> with that comes success. she still sees every day as a chance to succeed. >> even though you feel successful, don't think that you are. if you are at the top, the only way is down. >> she says they are happy to be so busy, they have a lot of work, they continue to hire new employees even in this economy. their company called the design employees even in this economy. their company called the design army


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